Club Rules

Rules and Information for play at Steel Club

A full list of league and Steel Club rules are available on > Resources > Chapter Library > 2018 Season. Please note that our league is a Guest at Steel Club and proper golf etiquette and playing rules are required.​

Dress Code Overview:

  • Ladies Tops must have a collar and/or sleeves.  Tops with neither will be considered “tank tops” and are not permitted
  • All Ladies shorts must be at least 16” in length from the waistband to the bottom of the leg.
  • No athletic wear, “warm up” or exercise clothes are permitted on the golf course.
  • All golf shoes must be of the soft spike or spikeless variety

 General Club Rules:

  • Changing of shoes or any type clothing is not permitted in the club parking lots.  Locker room areas are provided in the upper building
  • No golf carts are permitted in any of the parking lots at any time either before or after your round
  • All incoming golf bags must be left at the bag drop for the staff to bring to the cart landing area.  All outgoing golf bags will be cleaned in the cart landing area and returned to the bag drop promptly by the golf staff.
  • No personal coolers and outside beverages are permitted on club property at any time.
  • Tips are pooled so all bag boys, club cleaners, cart-getters share in the tips. Tips are usually $1-2.00 per bag, but keep in mind that your golf bags will be cleaned before being returned to the bag drop .  As always feel free to tip more if someone does something really special. 
Course Rules:
  • Golf carts must follow all directional signs and rope lines on the golf course at all times
  • All cart traffic must stay on cart paths provided around tees and greens
  • Please keep all four cart wheels on the cart path at all times
  • Divot mix is provided on all golf carts to fill divots made by players
  • After raking a bunker, please place all sand rakes out of the bunkers and place on the grass banks perpendicular to the line of play
  • Please do not climb up and down the steep grass bunker faces.  Always enter and exit the bunkers at the low point of the bank to avoid injury.